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Lightherm insulation screed

Super lightweight aggregate for the preparation of lightweight insulation screed

What is Lightherm®?

High Thermal Insulation

High Thermal Insulation properties, 0.041W/mK (Lightherm INSU)

Energy efficient and cost saving
Acoustic insulation

Acoustic Insulation, 14dB reduction * * with 50mm thickness application, 14bD impact sound reduction at 500Hz

Increase comfort level
Ultra lightweight screed

Ultra-Lightweight, p = 130kg / m3 (Lightherm INSU) , p = 270kg / m3 (Lightherm LW)

Reduce structural weight and optimize design

Lightherm's innovative aggregate goes through a range of specific processes that have allowed it to become a market leader for use in thermal and lightweight screeds. This exciting new product offers architects, developers, and builders a great alternative to traditional methods of insulating both ground and upper floors.

When mixed at a specific ratio with cement and water it becomes a lightweight thermal bead screed (Lightherm INSU), with exceptional thermal and acoustic properties and has thermal conductivity values as low as 0.041 W/m.K.

Lightherm also offers solutions to reduction in loading with huge advantages in reduction of Dead Loads on intermediate floors (Lightherm LW) with a density of 270 kg/m3.

Lightherm aggregate is treated with our patented VOD additives, this enables it to be successfully mixed with cement and water. Sections of this material, Lightherm INSU have undergone stringent thermal testing by TUV SUD. to achieve our thermal certification.

Certificate of Conformity from TÜV SÜD High thermal resistance screed

Why use Lightherm?

More Effective Insulation

More Effective

Lightherm is proven to have considerably greater insulation properties than traditional methods. Lightherm provides a uniform monolithic insulation slab across the entire floor space. Once on-site, it is easily installed as it is a perfectly homogenous, jointless and flowable material. Lightherm encapsulates pipe and duct work and enables underfloor heating to reach its full potential.

No waste eco friendly insulation

No Waste

The volume of required Lightherm screed for any given project can be calculated before production begins. Only the required volume is produced, therefore dramatically reducing waste from the Installation. This enables Lightherm to be more Eco-friendly than traditional methods.

Time and labour saving insulation

Save Time

The production and installation of Lightherm is considerably faster than any other thermal insulation method. This means quicker installation, greater time efficiency, and ultimately considerably lower labour costs.

Even and consistent U value

Continuous U-Value

Lightherm is one continuous monolithic layer of thermal material, upon which all forms of screed can be applied. In comparison to other floor insulation options, Lightherm provides a considerably more even and consistent U Value across the entire floor area.

Fixed price insulation

Fixed Price

Lightherm product is priced solely by total volume. Given that the total required volume for any given project can be calculated before beginning, this means that with Lightherm there will be no hidden costs or surprises.

Enhanced UFH performance

Proven Enhancement In U.F.H Performance

Lightherm has been independently tested with results that evidence a proven and considerable enhancement in underfloor heating efficiency when compared with other commonly used insulation materials. A sound base to secure UFH pipework is critical in avoiding floating pipework which could induce cracks within screeds, and potentially led to non-uniform distribution of heat.

Recent examples of what is achievable


  • 148m2
  • Perimeter 48m
  • TBS 155mm
  • Achieved 0.16 U value


  • 1030m2
  • Exposed Perimeter 95m
  • TBS 70mm
  • Achieved 0.13 U value

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Lightherm has achieved the Certificate for Factory Production Control (FPC) by CPC (Construction Productions Certification) for the manufacturing process of Expandable Polystyrene Beads (PS5) Intended for use in ready mixed concrete and screeds.

This revered certification recognises and evidences the proven high standard of Lightherm product manufacturing and Quality processes in accordance with the relevant clauses of EN 16025-1:2013 and EN 13172:2012.

For a hard copy of said certificate please contact us directly, reference Certificate number CP 00250

  • Construction Productions Certification
  • Certificate of Conformity from TÜV SÜD
  • Vodapruf

Independant Site Analysis

For an independent U value certificate, please contact Gareth Chambers at gareth@thermcal.co.uk.

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